Our training workshops and seminars empower people to improve their own publishing business. Here are some of the workshops we have offered and may offer again in the future. (Subscribe to the blog or the Empowering Publishing Newsletter to be notified of future scheduled workshops, or contact us to schedule a workshop of your own.)

Multi-Channel Publishing with InDesign

Digital book production is usually done separately from print production. This means that every digital format — EPUB, Kindle, App data package, web content — has to be created separately, and becomes yet another product to maintain. In short, digital is alienated from print. What would it mean if the digital versions of a product could be created automatically from the print version? In this practical workshop, we lay out the path to integrate digital book production into the existing print production workflow.

Accelerating Sales through Dynamic Content Marketing

Marketing teams have traditionally selected a single excerpt of a book’s content to use as a sample. This approach gives customers an idea of the book’s content, but it doesn’t necessarily connect with their specific needs and interests. We have developed a system to create dynamic excerpts of the book’s content, submit them to search engines, and enable online and social sharing. These excerpts can drive search and social traffic to a publisher’s website and accelerate a publisher’s online selling efforts. This session demonstrates how this system functions and discusses the results we have seen so far. After participating in this session, publishing teams will have a clearer idea of how they can accelerate their own content marketing with dynamic excerpts.

Archive-Based Content Curation and Workflow Management

Every publisher has a different set of needs and requirements for how they set up their content curation and workflow management. In this dynamic, interactive session we discuss how publishers can enhance their current systems with a central content archive, using available technologies and down-to-earth practices. After participating in this session, publishing teams will have a clearer idea of how they can build on and improve their publishing workflow and content curation systems.