We specialize in complex publications, XML-based, and database-backed publishing, and we integrate print and digital into a single process.

Integrated Print & Digital Book Production

We do typesetting and ebook production, but where we stand out is that we do them together, at the same time, using InDesign as the hub. This leads to a lot of efficiencies, and allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. It also means that we can revise the interior of a book and apply those changes to all of the formats at once.

Our ebook production workflow does not rely on InDesign’s EPUB export, but uses our own InDesign-XML conversion processes. We use the built-in structures of InDesign as much as possible to represent the elements of the digital book. For example, we create InDesign “bookmarks” to represent the digital Table of Contents, because that is what bookmarks are used for in InDesign. Simple solutions like this make our production workflow uniquely efficient.

Ebook and Content-Data Packages

Many of our customers come to us with the print interior finished and only need an ebook or content-data package. (This has been true, for instance, with several Bible publishers, who have needed us to create a digital edition of their long, complicated specialty and study Bibles.) Sometimes these ebooks are sold through retail channels. Other times they are used as the content source for a custom app.

Complex, XML-Based, and Database-Backed Publishing

A large proportion of our production projects make use of complex content, XML, and databases. We are happy to produce high-quality publications from any source of structured content data, whether they are Word documents with paragraph and character styles, or XML content structured according to a strict schema, or a database that needs to be rendered as content.