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We empower people to publish more profitably by providing book production, training, consulting, and software development services.

Book Production

We specialize in complex publications, XML-based, and database-backed publishing, and we integrate print and digital into a single process.


Our training workshops and seminars empower people to improve their own publishing business.


Publishers who want to improve their own processes and systems hire us to help them formulate and then implement a customized plan.

About Us

The mission of Black Earth Group is to empower people to publish more profitably.

Black Earth Group was founded in 2014 to help more people to publish more profitably. We provide software and services that help authors and publishers to increase  efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness in publishing.

Our founder, Sean Harrison, worked for Tyndale House Publishers for 18 years. There he developed many tools, techniques, and systems that enabled his employer to achieve much higher levels of efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness. As Sean talked with people at other publishers and gave training workshops at industry conferences, he found that a lot of people would benefit from kinds of improvements he had helped his employer to implement. He launched Black Earth Group to help provide these empowering benefits to more people.


Sean’s knowledge of the technologies involved in publishing is unmatched. His ingenuity has saved Tyndale countless hours over the years. —Pat LaCosse, Composition Manager, Tyndale House Publishers

Pat LaCosse

Sean is an outstanding editor, an outstanding programmer, and an outstanding person. —Mark Taylor, President, Tyndale House Publishers

Mark Taylor

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