“Sean Harrison was EXACTLY the partner we needed to pull off a very complex conversion of the Jesus-Centered Bible. It’s rare that you find a company that not only stands by their work but delivers it on time and on budget.” —Craig Cable, Director of Publishing, Group

Craig Cable

“We started working with Sean last year and have been incredibly impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, work ethic, attitude, and delivered products. He’s been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more projects with him.” —Neil Levin, Partner and Technology Director, Powers Media

Neil Levin

“Sean listened well to what we needed at Gilead Publishing and kept working with me until we developed an efficient system for producing and archiving our ebooks. I knew that when I handed off a file to him, he would do his part with great attention to detail and usually beat the deadline. I also turned to Sean to fix existing ebook files. Nothing daunted him.” —Afton Rorvik, Production Manager, Gilead Publishing

Afton Rorvik

“Sean Harrison and Black Earth Group were invaluable in the technical aspects of creating the Africa Study Bible. They brought the needed expertise and excellence in the areas where we did not have needed skills on our staff. In all dealings, Sean was professional and served with a ministry heart that understood our values and mission.” —Matthew Elliott, Director, Oasis International

Matthew Elliott

“Sean did an outstanding job of helping us adapt our existing processes for improved ebook production with minimal disruption. His own publishing experience enabled him to hear and effectively address the concerns expressed by our editors in response to technical changes.” —Greg Bailey, Director of Editorial, Book Division, Crossway (@EditorGreg)

Greg Bailey

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Sean on complex Bible projects. I have greatly appreciated his thorough knowledge of the material, his ability to enthusiastically and effectively manage a complex process, and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and apply his expertise in the details. —Dan Farrell,
Art Director, Tyndale House Publishers

Dan Farrell

“I’m a fly on a wall in a big mtg with @saharrison. Getting giddy. He knows the production process backward and forward, asks all good Qs.” —David Eyk, Web Developer, Crossway (@eykd)

David Eyk

“I always said we needed one of you at every publisher. Now maybe they can all just hire you.” —Steven Cummings, Olive Tree Software (@covenantfather)

Steven Cummings

Sean’s knowledge of the technologies involved in publishing is unmatched. His ingenuity has saved Tyndale countless hours over the years. —Pat LaCosse, Composition Manager, Tyndale House Publishers

Pat LaCosse

Sean is an outstanding editor, an outstanding programmer, and an outstanding person. —Mark Taylor, President, Tyndale House Publishers

Mark Taylor