Here are the slides and notes from my talk, at BibleTech 2015. The audience was fantastic, and the discussions that ensued were stimulating. Thanks to all who were present.

Paper or Pixels? Bible Publishing in the Print and Digital Age
We are now several years into the ebook–smartphone–app revolution, and digital Bibles and Bible apps are becoming more and more mature. Yet print Bible sales are healthy and actually growing. Wasn’t print supposed to be dead by now? What is going on? How can those of us who live at the intersection of the Bible, technology, and publishing make the most of the current environment? Digging into the strengths of both the print and digital mediums, we will explore some of the ways they can work together to provide enhanced encounters with God’s Word.

Slides: PaperOrPixels-SeanHarrison-2015-BibleTech-Slides (2.4 MB PDF)

Notes: PaperOrPixels-SeanHarrison-2015-BibleTech-Notes (150 KB PDF)

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